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2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR
Now enrolling for our nineteenth season! Join us!

Teaching Philosophy

Project Ballet maintains the highest standards of classical ballet training while still respecting the dignity of each child. This balance is not easily achieved and is often overlooked in elite level ballet schools. It is of paramount importance to our faculty and staff that each student at Project Ballet is respected, encouraged and supported. This environment is what sets us apart from most pre-professional ballet programs. We love ballet and we love this organization. It is our greatest hope that our students and their families will feel and share in this enthusiasm. 


Exclusively committed to training children, Project Ballet follows a classical ballet syllabus based on the teachings of Marcia Dale Weary and the aesthetics of George Balanchine - two of the foremost visionaries of classical ballet in America.  This curriculum develops dancers who reach an advanced level of training at a very young age and who possess the precise technique, speed and intense musicality characteristic of contemporary American-style ballet training while maintaining a pure classical line and artistic sensibility. Our curriculum begins with one lesson per week for three year old dancers and increases to includes the daily study of ballet technique, pointe, variations, and cross training classes as the child progresses through the curriculum:


Preschool Ballet

Preparatory Ballet

Boys Ballet


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


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