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Nutcracker Information for Advanced Dancers:

It is mandatory that Advanced dancers participate in the Nutcracker (and all PB performances). Please read through the following information about Nutcracker and email Mrs. McLeish if you have any questions! 


September 8, 9, 11 - Auditions for featured roles

September 13-18 - Casting period, no rehearsals. Casting will be posted no later than September 18.

September 20 - Rehearsals start for Levels 4+

October 30 - Fall Break, no rehearsals

November 20 - In-studio dress rehearsal all day

November 22, 23 - Cast member photo days

November 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - Thanksgiving Break, no rehearsals

December 2 - Sunday Cast Dress Rehearsal at the Embassy Theatre

December 3 - Saturday Cast Dress Rehearsal at the Embassy Theatre

December 4 - Saturday Cast performances at 2pm and 7pm

December 5 - Sunday Cast performances at 1pm and 6pm 

Please make sure to take special note of the three rehearsal break periods. You will NOT have rehearsal during these breaks and may use this time to travel, etc., without worry of missing rehearsal.

September 12-19 (We DO still have classes during this September "break" - however, rehearsals have not started yet, so if you had to miss a day it wouldn't be too big of a deal.)

October 29-31

November 24-28


This year we will be calling dancers to auditions based on level, ability, experience, and prior roles. Please check the web calendar to find out which auditions you have been called to. If you are called to an audition, you are expected to attend. It is not optional. Important note: You do not need to prepare anything in advanced of the auditions this year. We will be teaching excerpts of the roles the audition, so you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the choreography in advance, if you feel it would help you be more comfortable or perform better.

Also, please note that you may not be called to an audition if you have done the part before and we don't need to see you audition. For example, if you have already been the Spanish Soloist, we will likely not call you to that audition because we are already familiar with your capability in that role and do not need to have you audition. Even though you are not called to the audition, you will potentially be cast in the role again if we feel it would be a good fit for you again this year.

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