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NOW OFFERING: Private lessons for enrolled Preparatory students!

Students enrolled in Preparatory Ballet classes are now invited to add private lessons to their schedule! This is a perk available only to enrolled students.


Private lessons are a great way to add more classes, receive more individualized instruction and accelerate your training. 


Private lessons are offered a la carte and are $25 per lesson. Students are limited to signing up for one lesson per day, for a maximum of four lessons total. Siblings who are BOTH concurrently enrolled in our Preparatory Ballet classes may share a private lesson. Please sign-up for the lesson under one child's name, and then contact to let them know the lesson will be shared by a sibling group. Cousins, friends or classmates may not share lessons. Siblings enrolled in different levels at Project Ballet may not share lessons. Sharing lessons is limited to siblings who are BOTH concurrently enrolled in the Preparatory Ballet level, only. 


Once a private lesson is reserved, it is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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