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Welcome to Level 3!

We will continue to update this page throughout the year. 


Level 3 Dress Code


  • Hair in a bun, or similar style compatible with the length and texture of the student’s hair. Bangs must be pulled back off the face. If dyed, hair must be dyed a color that looks natural. (No pink hair, etc.)

  • PB Uniform Leotard (Motionwear or Custom purchased from Standing Ovation)

  • Classical Pink Capezio 9C or Ballet Pink Bodywrappers A45 seamed tights. Alternatively skin tone seamed tights may be substituted for the uniform tights. If wearing skin tone tights, skin tone shoes must also be worn.

  • PB Uniform Ballet Slippers (Bloch Synchonry or ProElastic). Alternatively skin tone canvas ballet slippers may be substituted for the uniform slippers.

  • By invitation only: Any pointe shoes, matching the student's tights. Level 3 dancers may not wear the pointe shoe brands Gaynor Minden or Russian Pointe.


  • Long hair must be secured off the face. If dyed, hair must be dyed a color that looks natural. (No pink hair, no blue hair, etc.) No facial hair.

  • Black ballet shoes.

  • Black footed tights.

  • White uniform shirt.

  • Dance belt or similar supportive undergarment.

Pointe requirements: Female Level 3 dancers are not considered for pointe until they have reached at least 10.5 years old. Once they are at least 10.5 years old, our faculty discusses their technique and strength to determine whether or not they are ready for pointe shoes. Each dancer is considered individually. We start new pointe students every year in September and January. If you missed the September cut off, you may become eligible in January!

The lead-faculty-member for Level 3 is Miss Laura. Please reach out to her in person or via email:


Level 3

Weekly Schedule



5:00-6:15pm Ballet Technique

6:30-7:15pm Contemporary


5:00-6:15pm Ballet Technique


5:00-6:15pm Ballet Technique

6:30-7:00pm Beginning Pointe


5:00-6:15pm Ballet Technique

6:30-7:00pm Stretch

Please check with the front office to confirm which specific classes your child has signed up for. This is the master schedule.

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