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Mrs. Smith-Meyer

Elizabeth Smith-Meyer has been teaching English and social studies for the Academic Conservatory since 2014. She holds a BS in Marketing and an MA in English from Indiana University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame. Throughout her career, Mrs. Smith-Meyer has taught elementary through graduate school. Before her children were born, she taught at both IPFW and Indiana Tech. When her children were young, she decided on a Montessori education for them and returned to school for her own Montessori training. She then taught elementary English, poetry, and drama at Oak Farm Montessori School and became the director and lead teacher for Oak Farm’s Middle School. After her children graduated from eighth grade, she returned to teaching college at Indiana Tech until a colleague asked if she would be interested in applying for an open position at Project Ballet; her answer was a resounding yes. Now she is grateful for every day she spends with the motived and dedicated students and staff at Project Ballet. She especially enjoys the year-end projects the other faculty members have helped to facilitate, namely a history faire and a poetry reading. When not teaching, Mrs. Smith-Meyer enjoys reading, writing, and riding her horse, Brenna. She has been married for a very long time to her husband Mark and has two children, Alexandra and Ian.

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