Preschool Ballet

All classes are now full for the 2019-2020 school year. Information about our Fall 2020 classes will be posted later this summer. Please check back!

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Project Ballet offers Preschool Ballet class for female children ages three to five years old. Our exclusive syllabus keeps ballet fun while engaging the child in structured and specific learning goals. Tuition is $65 for a ten week class session. Class meets once per week for thirty minutes.

Course Description

In Preschool Ballet 1 and Preschool Ballet 2 we introduce simple ballet concepts and terminology while also encouraging proper classroom behavior such as taking turns and being a good listener. It is a fun, yet structured, approach to the basics of classical ballet instruction.

Who is eligible?

Preschool Ballet 1 is for three and four year old dancers. Preschool Ballet 2 is for four and five year old dancers. Dancers must be the minimum age by the first day of the course. Dancers must also be potty trained and be comfortable taking class independently, without mom or dad in the room with them. (Due to the gender specific approach of our Preschool Ballet classes, only female students are permitted to enroll. We begin accepting male students at five years old at the Preparatory Ballet level.)

Level Placement Recommendations

Three year olds must enroll in Preschool Ballet 1 and may not enroll in Preschool Ballet 2. We recommend that young four year olds and new four year olds (meaning four year olds who have never before taken a class at Project Ballet)  enroll in Preschool Ballet 1. Returning four year olds can enroll in Preschool Ballet 2. Five year olds are eligible for both Preschool Ballet 2 and our Preparatory Ballet classes. We recommend that five year olds who are in kindergarten enroll in Preparatory Ballet, but five year olds who are not yet in kindergarten should select Preschool Ballet 2. However, ultimately it is up to the parent to determine final level placement for 4 and 5 year old children, based on your own child's maturity level, physical skill and ability to focus and pay attention.

Observation Policies

Parents will be invited into the classroom for the last class of the course.  Observation is not permitted during the first nine weeks of the course.

Enrollment Policies

Enrollment is limited to eight dancers per class at the Preschool 1 level and ten dancers per class at the Preschool 2 level. All classes are assigned one primary instructor and either one or two teacher aides.

Tuition Policies

Tuition is $65 per dancer for the ten week session. Tuition is non-refundable and nontransferable unless the course is canceled by Project Ballet.

Dress Code

Preschool Ballet 1 and Preschool Ballet 2 students may wear any comfortable ballet outfit. Hair must be pulled back off the face.  Ballet shoes are required and can be purchased at Standing Ovation Performance Apparel on Coliseum Blvd., as well as at stores like Walmart, Target and Payless.

Preparing My Child for Class

- Make sure your child uses the restroom before class.

- Stop at the front desk to get your child's name tag, which both serves to identify your child to their teacher and serves as our method of attendance. Put the name tag on the BACK of their leotard. (Please return the name tag after each class.)

- You and your child can wait in our waiting room until their class is called back. Children will line up together and walk back to their class with their teacher, or the teacher's aide. 

- On the first day we will briefly invite parents into the classroom before we start class to introduce you to your child's teacher and to allow you to see the studio space where class takes place. After a short orientation, parents will be dismissed back into the lobby. - There is no observation permitted until the last class of the course. Your child must be prepared to participate independently. Parents are not required to stay in the waiting room during class, but you must wait until your child's class is called back, and plan on returning a few minutes before their class is dismissed. 

- If your child is hesitant to participate, the teacher and the teacher's aides will help you and your child adjust. We will work with the parent to help ease the transition for children who are nervous to enter the classroom independently, however parents may not stay in the classroom with the child, and we must shut the door of the studio for safety reasons and to maintain the focus of the class.

- Please invite Grandma or Grandpa, siblings, neighbors, etc. to come and watch the tenth and final class. The children love to perform for a big audience of special friends and family and are proud to show off all they have learned. Photography and video recording is permitted and encouraged during the last class.

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Project Ballet was established in 2004 and is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.