Preschool Ballet (Ages 3-4)


Preschool Ballet is an engaging, age appropriate, and syllabus-based introduction to ballet for 3-4 year old dancers. Our goal is to teach the children the basics of ballet technique, to teach them proper classroom etiquette, and most importantly - to have them fall in love with ballet.


Open to male and female children ages 3-4 years old. Children must be fully toilet trained and must be willing to participate independently without a parent. Enrollment will be limited to eight students per class. The class is appropriate for beginners as well as children with previous experience in our preschool classes. or mini summer camps. Young children significantly benefit from the repetition of attending multiple sessions. We highly recommend young children attending multiple sessions of Preschool Ballet each year. It provides them with a significant advantage once they enter our school age classes.


Classes meet for ten weeks. There will be a school year session beginning in September and another beginning in January.  Please check back. Typically enrollment for the September session will begin in July. For now, enroll in our Summer Mini Camps.


Parents should bring their child into the Project Ballet lobby and wait for class to begin. Please plan to arrive about five minutes early to change into ballet shoes and take off your coat, etc. A minute or two before class is scheduled to start, our staff will take attendance and have the children line-up in the lobby to head into the classroom. Once the children have left with their teacher to begin class, parents are free to leave or you may wait in our lobby for the duration of the class. Please make sure to return promptly at the end of class. Your child's teacher will bring them back out to the lobby when class is over. Please contact us if you and your child would like to schedule a time to come in during our normal business hours to tour our facility. We want to make sure that your child is comfortable attending class independently.


The last (tenth) class of the session will be open for parent observation. Due to Covid precautions, we will strictly limit observation to just TWO attendees per family. (The observation attendees will be able to video record and take photographs during class, to later share with other family and friends who were not able to attend.)


Dancers are required to wear ballet slippers. Ballet slippers can be purchased at Standing Ovation Performance Apparel, at stores such as WalMart or Target, or online. Traditionally, females wear pink ballet slippers, and males wear black or white ballet slippers, but any color is perfectly fine for Preschool Ballet classes. Dancers encouraged to wear ballet clothes such as a leotard and tights, however the dress code at our Preschool level is very relaxed so they will be permitted to wear any comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely and modestly. Long hair should be pulled back off the face in a ballet bun, pony tail, or similar style. Please see our Covid Policies listed below, for policies regarding masks.


Each 10 week session is $90. Your child will receive 10 classes for $90. Tuition is non-refundable. In the case of quarantine or illness, there will not be a virtual option and your child will not receive a make-up lesson.

Please note: If government Covid restrictions or close contact exposure were to prevent us from gathering in in-person, a virtual option will be offered at the same date and time as your normal in-person class. Likewise, if Project Ballet would need to cancel the class due to low enrollment, your full tuition will be refunded.


- Students may not attend if they are ill or if they have been placed under quarantine. In the case of quarantine or illness, there will not be a virtual option and your child will not receive a make-up lesson or a refund.

- If government Covid restrictions were to prevent us from gathering in-person, a virtual option will be offered at the same date and time as your normal in-person class.

- Project Ballet does not require masks. However, if the government were to issue a mask mandate, we would comply. In the case of a government mask mandate, age-mandated children would be required to wear a mask or forfeit their spot in the class without a refund. Please note that previous government mask mandates applied to ages 8 and up, so it is unlikely such a mandate would affect our Preschool age students.