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Wellness Initiatives
Project Ballet prioritizes dancer health and wellness. Since 2012 we have provided our students with a comprehensive on-site wellness program that supports both their physical and mental health. In 2020 we added the position of Wellness Coordinator to further expand and facilitate these programs. 

Our upper level students benefit from regular mental health workshops specifically tailored the unique pressures and stresses of the pre-professional ballet world. In addition, our upper level students check-in weekly with our Wellness Coordinator for individual support and guidance. The Wellness Coordinator also maintains regular on-site office hours for further accessibility.
We work with a number of local professional providers to provide regular injury prevention workshops and clinics. Our students also have access to on-site Injury Stations with easy access to resources such as heat packs, ice, therapy balls, foam rollers and massage sticks. Further, we work closely with our injured dancers to monitor progress and allow modifications to their work load. We maintain a vast network of affiliated professional providers who are ready to work with our dancers to support every aspect of their mental and physical health.

Master Classes and Guest Choreographers  ​
Project Ballet believes strongly in having our students study with master teachers and guest choreographers. We regularly bring in guest faculty to work with our upper level students. Through these on-site master classes our students can develop their ballet technique and also be exposed to contemporary and modern dance. Further, we maintain a commitment to regularly host guest choreographers to set original works and stage major works from the classical and contemporary ballet cannon. In a typical school year our upper level students attend upwards of twenty master classes at Project Ballet. All of these opportunities are offered at no additional cost to our dancers.

In addition to on-site programming we also regularly find opportunities for our students to study at outside master classes, workshops and intensives.

Cultural Field Trips​
A dancer cannot train in a vacuum. It is so important for our students to experience the greater world of ballet and the arts. Project Ballet communicates regularly with our families to suggest and organize opportunities to see regional dance performances, theater performances and museums.  


Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation class with Jason Hazelett, PT, DPT

With Michael Vernon, Chair Emeritus of the IU Jacobs School of Music

With Ruth Andrien, director of the second company of Paul Taylor

Visiting a museum exhibit on the Dance Theatre of Harlem

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